Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Good Witch

Looking for a little insight on how magic works here in the Earth Realm?  Well a wonderful show called the "Good Witch" which is featured on the Hallmark Channel is a perfect example of what magic is here in the Earth Realm. 

This show it about a mysterious, free-spirited and kind-hearted woman named Cassandra Nightingale (Played by Catherine Bell).  Many people believe her to be a witch and noone truly knows for sure whether she is or not.  But one thing is for sure is that she knows how to work her magic to help others.  It is possible here in this world to have magic.  It is just a little harder.  You need an open and kind heart, a positive attitude, and the strength to persevere even when everything seems to crumble down around you.  That is the key to magic here in this realm. 

Anyway back to the show.  Cassie owns a kurio/botanical shop called the Bell, Book and Candle which contains all kind of oddities that help people in many different ways.  She also owns a Bed and Breakfast called Grey House which is also her home and reputed to be haunted.  Pretty cool yes?  Here's where it gets better, she also has an uncanny knack for knowing what people need and what happens to those around her.  This is how she helps them.  But sometimes this enchanting woman needs help too and that is where her family and friends in the fictional town of Middleton come to play.  With their own gifts or even just their love, they give her what she needs the most.  A family.  She brings out the magic in them and they all become a unified community. 

I'm not ashamed to say that I hope to do what Cassie does for other people.  It is important to help others.  This show inspires me and I hope it will inspire all of you too.  There are many words to describe what this show gives to us.  Some would say hope, others probably say entertainment but I say it gives us magic.  And now who says that we mystics can't do the same thing in this world?

PS.  It's not just a TV series, Check out the movies too.  It's how the magic all begins.

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