Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What's the best wine ever?... It's obvious

Many people have asked me what is your preference when it comes to wine?  My response.  All wine!  It's true but I will say I can not help but enjoy a bottle of Barefoot wine.

This is a lovely brand from Modesto, California.  They make a fun, sunny and flavorful wine that brings out the goodness in all things related to the Earth Realm.  It is good for any occasion and just happens to be easy on the wallet.  Now all of these wines are good but I find myself always reaching for the moscato.  Yes, the moscato.  It is a sexy little wine that has some very delicious fruity notes and a sweet citrusy taste that brings you back to paradise. 

If you are to pair this wine, here is a few marvelous suggestions.  A herbacious cheese such as dill havarti, a spicy pasta, raspberries, a rich belguim chocolate and sweet potato fries.  Now I've just made myself hungry and pining for this wine even more.  Seriously though wine lovers, get yourself this lovely little wine, sit outside and look out at a beautiful sunset.  It gives you that wonderful sense of romance that everyone (human or otherwise) should have.  You have this when you have a bottle of barefoot moscato. 

And since this is a wine post I want to give a shout out to my friend Nick.  He is an oenophile vampire who owns his own vineyard and yes I urge you all to try it even though he often disagrees with me on everything!  To you my sweet, suave friend, I say, "Bite me!"

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