Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hot Chocolate to Heat the Soul

Need something to warm you up on a dreary day?  Want a really good treat that lifts you up?  Try out this out.  This wonderful concoction will make you feel good, give you energy and boost your immunity as a bonus.

Here's what you need:

Depending on your preferance -> 1/2 to 1 milk chocolate bar (You can use any bar you want but I prefer lindt swiss chocolate) 
1 cup of milk (or soy milk depending on your preference)
1 cinnamon stick
a pinch of chili pepper

Why do we need these ingredients?

Chocolate:  Chocolate has some good antioxidents in it but lets face it, it cures you if you are ever feeling down.  Plus if you are apart of the Faye Clan it'll recharge every part of your body including your magical powers.

Milk:  Rich with Vitamns A, B, B12, D as well as protien, calcium and a great number of things.  Milk is pretty much what keeps our bodies working and reduces alot of painful, deadly diseases like diabetes, cancer and anything bone related.  It keeps us all strong no matter who you are.  (Vampires are the exception.)

Cinnamon:  Excellent anti-inflammatory.  Cinnamon prevents alot of diseases including colds, flus and colon cancer.  Not only does this completely detoxes your body but magically speaking it will protect you, attract money or spice up your love life.  A very good all-around spice to have.

Chili Pepper:  They put you in a good mood, help with weight loss and fight off infections.  What's not to like?  Plus this will get rid of any nasty curses that someone might put on you.  A word of caution!!!!, only use a small amount otherwise you'll never be able to drink it and it burns your mouth from the inside out. 

How to make it:
  1. Break up the milk chocolate and put into a coffee cup. 
  2. Add milk into the coffee cup 
  3. Heat in the microwave for __ for 3 or 4 intervals (every microwave is different so adapt this to your own microwave)
  4. After you retrieve your chocolate/milk mixture from the microwave, put in your chili pepper and stir it in with your cinnamon stick.  Leave the cinnamon stick in it. 
  5. Enjoy!

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